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Amir Thaleb - Arabian Dance School.

This newsletter is meant so that the Bellydance community and everyone who is part of this great family, is acquainted with the achievements of the Arabian Dance School as an international institution, throughout the year 2009.


Arabian Dance School - Elective year 2009

2009 can be considered a very productive year. Teaching experience throughout the years has laid the basis for us to enjoy our courses in a very professional way.
This is due not only to the teachers in charge and all the people who every day work hard to improve our organization, but also to our students who produce a highly sensitive feedback. To be part of this, in times where social and economical crisis attempt against good human principles, we feel very pleased and lucky to be able to call our school "our great family".

EIDA – XI International Arabian Dance Encounter
The world suffers from a crisis. Nowadays money problems seem to attempt against the possibility of making people's dreams come true. The EIDA has been a commitment assumed eleven years ago, not always easy to carry on, trying to keep up the artistic and professional level. The good thing is that we can say we were able to do it, always with the best international masters within the best of the environments. The EIDA has been a success that could be deeply enjoyed by everyone who took part in it in a very friendly and polite way. This is the reason why all international masters think so highly about our festival. And that is why we feel fully satisfied trying to spare our strength for the organization of the XII EIDA to be held on the 23rd. to the 26th. of September 2010.
"Amir Thaleb" Ballet de Cámara
During the past years the development of those who practise Bellydance has been great and increasing. Our school graduates are very talented and the possibilities for each one of them are so little that we have decided to create an artistic ballet known as Ballet de Cámara. The aim is to offer our talented dancers the chance to develop and show their skills on stage so they can get enough experience to succeed along their careers. The selected group of advanced students is nowadays rehearsing, so that all of you can enjoy great shows during the year 2010.
Middle Eastern Art Cultural Center
This center has been created to promote expressions, those that have to do with our artistic and oriental culture. This center sponsors our ballet that during the next year will be presenting several shows in the Mahmud Reda Sala. This place will be opened to other troupes and ballet companies which wish to present their high level art in it. Such was the case of Betah a Tribal Dance Show by Érika González, who left the audience amazed with her very well synchronized movements.
We hope these presentations will continue, so that our audience can enjoy them during the next year.
Arabian Dance Company
No doubt the trip to Egypt has set up great difference between the past and the present of our company. The performance at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2009 Opening Gala Show has turned us internationally famous. Today the responsibility with which we carry on our professional task has increased widely, projecting worldwide. This will enable us to take the Oriental Dance that every country in the world mentions, to the most famous theaters.
Arabian Dance School in full expansion
Due to our teaching method which is highly respected and accepted by many academies all over the world, we have opened two international branches this year. It's been three years now since we started training students in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico through a certification of the Arabian Dance School. This year our school in Mexico has produced the first eight talented graduates. We have groups, leading the same professional way so important to the growth of Oriental Dance in this country.
A year from now we started working in our school located on Genoa, Italy and it won't be long till new professional dancers come out from there. So we not only have our school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, now we have official ADS representatives in Mexico and Italy.
Our school helps the community
It's been a while since we had in mind the idea to be present in those places where people need help. Considering that we have cultural activity in connection with the Centro de Gestión y Participación Comunal Nº 3 together with cultural development in Balvanera neighborhood to which we belong and due to the great amount of people who are present every year to watch the 5th grade students final examinations, we have decided to charge an entrance fee with the donation of food that will be distributed into three beneficent institutions. We invite everyone to cooperate leaving donations into the boxes that will be placed in our school hall as from the first of December, so that we can all be near those who need us most!

Donations will be distributed to the following places:
Fundación Ayudemos a Crecer (Hogar de Tina)
Iglesia Bautista del Once
Fundación Obras de San José Compañía de Jesús
The end of the year
The end of the year is close and it's the time to evaluate things that have been fulfilled and those that haven't. So we carry on with our activities but with greater commitment regarding both social and academical level. We hope to have a better year with a non frustrated society, leaving envy and egoism aside. It is always a good time to evaluate ourselves and realize our position in life regarding this reflection.

Our deep gratitude to everyone who has shared this wonderful year with us and our best wishes to all families!
We hope to see you all next year to enjoy our work together!


Translated into English by Salomé Mayo.

Amir Thaleb - Arabian Dance School.

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